Rapid Budgeting is an online consultancy specializing in
budgeting, planning and forecasting.
We use industry leading and award-winning software from companies like Adaptive Planning™ and Microsoft™ in building simple and intuitive budgeting and planning solutions. Because we build these solutions on hosted, online platforms, your solutions are built faster and cheaper. So in most cases you sign up, we get to understand your business and budgeting processes and typically, 8 weeks later, your users can log unto a website and start budgeting.
Don't believe us? See for yourself

So who are we? we are cross-functional industry veterans frustrated with seeing companies waste money doing things the 'old' way. Our teams comprise business and technology experts with years of experience deploying budgeting and planning solutions for medium to large companies across the world.

Who we are...
We are going to go out on a limb here and predict that for 90% of this industry, the world is going to change very soon, we are just ahead of the curve. Okay, we admit, not just us, but Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Adaptive Planning (you get the gist, it's a long and impressive list).

Let's think about it for a second... why in today's world would you spend hundreds of thousands, even millions in some cases to implement a budgeting solution. So the old fashioned approach is: firstly, you go out and buy spanking new server computers, then buy even more expensive budgeting software. Then before you can catch your breath, those hotshot consultants walk through the door, decamp at your offices for six months and leave you with another huge bill. Wait, it doesn't end there either, you now need to understand convoluted training for your staff and pay those expensive software maintenance fees.
 Let's not forget IT having to manage your new software and the hoops you will need to jump through for them to add your new application to their already overflowing portfolio of systems. You might think you can now exhale? Hmm, not quite, The next major software upgrade from the vendor? Ah, a new opportunity to upgrade those computers, get those hotshots consultants to move in for a little while again....you get the picture.

But hang on a second, did someone mention something about Web 2.0? Let's run this picture again. How about you just log unto a website and start budgeting? Okay, we are going to need a few weeks configuring the software, but that's it. No IT, no computer purchases, no upgrades to worry about. Now that's Budgeting Made Easy.
Client testimonial
We really enjoyed our working relationship. We were clear about what was going to be delivered and when, and felt we were an integral part of the solution. We realized immediate and substantial value, but more importantly; when the consultant left we were able
to administer the application ourselves.
Senior VP,Finance - Video Games